Extra Credit

Conventional Wisdom says that student survey participation seems limited to 3 categories of individuals:

1) Student who are angry at the instructor

2) Students taking an on-ground class

and every once in a while

3) Students who adore the teacher

I think this is in part because if you are getting a good grade, and don't have any serious complaints then it is easy to put off the survey or forget.

Full Disclosure: Student Surveys are a part of your teachers evaluation process every semester. This means that this a good way or you to let your voice be heard, and share with the administration whether you feel you are getting your money's worth and what you need educationally.

As many of you know, I am a very big proponent of students being proactive and using their voice. Just as I tell you to contact me any time you need help, have a question about how I do things, or are concerned about your grade - I also want you to complete your survey.

To encourage this. I will add +5 to your Final Project / Final Exam for any student that completes their evaluation.

Please turn in a screenshot of the page that shows "Thank you for participating" with your Schedule pulled up in another window, behind it so that I can see your name. Upload that screenshot to this dropbox. Some of your fellow student have volunteered their screenshots to let you know what I am looking for:


I do get to see the comments after the grades are finalized but your names are not attached. I take your comments very seriously as I work to improve my courses so please (for those of you that wish to make comments) - consider including your opinion on the following:

1) If you emailed me or came in to my office for help - was I helpful, did I respond quickly?

2) What did you like about this course ( This is super important so that I do more of the thing you found helpful)

3) Did the material I provided to supplement the book help? Was is useful when you were working on your assignment?

4) Did you feel that having Live Chats, Evening online office hours, and Wednesday Live help sessions were a benefit even if you didn't need them?

5) What would you like to see me improve?

6) Would you take or like to take another course from me? Why or Why not?

Comments are voluntary and you are not required to make them so do not feel pressured. This entire survey is voluntary but because I feel it is important, I'm offering you incentive to complete it. Side Note: Yes, if you are in multiple classes with me this extra credit will be available fore each class. Thank you very much.