M.J. Kaufmann

Melody-Ann Jones Kaufmann is a recent addition to the ITE Faculty with more than two decades of industry experience. She holds both a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and a Master of Science Information Security.This is a new paragraph!

Prior to coming to teach at Santa Fe, she was employed with the University of Florida, where she had the opportunity to put her love of security and databases to use through the creation and implementation of a CLAST historical database used to secure the PPI for over 980,000 examinees. She also spent a short time assisting with systems administration duties as part of the Instructional Computing Services server group before being offered the opportunity to help implement Sakai in December of 2009.

During her many years at UF she participated in several interesting and high-profile projects including the transition of UF from Sakai to Canvas, the initial implementation of Sakai, and the development of a research specific Electronic Medical Records System for the department of Rheumatology.

She also currently holds two industry certifications. The NSTISSI No. 4011 certification which is the NSA approved "Information Systems Security Professionals" certification that the Department of Defense requires of technical employees handling sensitive data and The NSTISSI No. 4013 which is the National Information Assurance Training Standard For System Administrators. This is required for network security professionals who assist federal agencies and private sector entities to protect their information and aid in the defense of the nation's vital information resources.

On the personal side, she is an anime fangirl, an EDM fan, and a recovering video game junkie. She grew up as the daughter of a Trekker, who spoke to her in Klingon randomly, gave her first copy of Dune, sat through the original Hobbit with her, and introduced her to Dr. Who (when Tom Baker was still The Doctor). To this day, she loves science fiction and fantasy with a passion.

She completed the 12 step program for World of Warcraft years ago, but still plays PC games now and agan. In her free time, she writes fiction, is learning Spanish and Japanese, and is also currently dipping her toes into game development and 3-D digital art.